YV ART MUSEUM – Contemporary Arts International in Acton, Massachusetts


Soundman&ThumbsUp_web Exhibition of the Paintings by Lin, Chia-Hung entitled “FAR EAST PHENOMENON” has opened on Oct 6, and will stay on till April of 2020. Through this exhibition we hope to build a bridge to help Western audience understand the current Far East young generation’s expression, a generation grew up with computer and animation.

OPEN HOURS: May-December 1PM to 6PM Thursday-Sunday or everyday by appointment (617-699-6401)    Admissions: $10/adult, $5/child & Senior; yearly membership $70/family, $40/individual

We have renamed this art ground YV ART MUSEUM = “WHY WE ART MUSEUM” (administered by the Contemporary Arts International CAI). “YV” refers to Yin Peet and Viktor Lois whose artworks are the anchor of the Museum, “We” refers to the artists who had taken residencies at the art grounds and/or had participated in our New Art Archeology program, and donate their excellent artwork to our permanent collection. Together, we are realizing this legendary art mission.




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