Currently, in the main hall, we are presenting  “Art Across Generations”, an exhibition of sculptures and paintings by father and daughter Alex and Genie Belozersky.

For the well-being of the organization, we are putting efforts in fundraising in order to: a) to keep our admission low and affordable to general public, b) to modernize the artwork tour with QR code system. This fundraising entails sales of a collection of century old Japanese original paintings, Taiwanese Daoist statue produced in1940s, and Yin&Viktor’s collaborative paintings of the Daoist statues back in 2005. Please inquire about the information if you are willing to help.

Special topic art class: EAST ASIAN 2D Artwork Mounting

Instructor: Gao Jing, retired Senior East Asian Conservator in Boston Museum of Fine Art

Class Type and Time: Workshop; 4 sessions (9/9 Sat, 9/16 Sat, 9/17 Sun and 9/23 Sat, 1:00pm-5:00pm)

Tuition: $600 total (all material included)

This class is highly recommended for western painters. The technique has been developed over the centuries in East Asia. It is our intention to introduce this East Asian cultural heritage in the Western artistic context, we believe learning this technique will inspire ones innovative prospects and enrich his/her future 2D artwork.  For more information, contact Yin Peet at 617-699-6401 or email

Our art grounds are open to public everyday 10am to 6pm on the good weather. To conserve energy we request that you call 617-699-6401 to make an appointment ahead of time or at the Gate just before coming in, so we can receive you well. Our admission which should be paid inside the entrance of the red Museum building is (cash only) $10/adult, $5/senior over 65 or students under 16, Free for children under 7.

THANK YOU! THE CHRONICLE (Channel 5 TV) has featured our New Art Archeology stone pile in the program entitled “Rock Stars: Stone art comes to life in New England.” Chronicle streams the show on their website WCVB Chronicle      Chronicle YouTube.

ACTON BIG-FOOT by Viktor Lois

Viktor and Big Foot

This 23-feet, 7.5 tons steel sculpture was installed on the art grounds in September 2021 when we are just come out from the “dormant period” caused by the pandemic.

We have renamed this art ground YV ART MUSEUM = “WHY WE ART MUSEUM” (administered by the Contemporary Arts International CAI). “YV” refers to Yin Peet and Viktor Lois whose artworks are the anchor of the Museum, “We” refers to the artists who had taken residencies at the art grounds and/or had participated in our New Art Archeology program, and donate their excellent artwork to our permanent collection. Together, we are realizing this legendary art mission.

This 23-feet, 7.5 tons steel sculpture was installed on the art grounds in September 2021 when we  just came out from the “dormant period” caused by the pandemic.