2024 Summer Art Workshop

for Children Age 6 to 12 (max 8 students) at CAI Art Grounds (Period: July 1 – July 27 1PM-5PM, Mon-Fri)

Contact: Yin Peet Email: ypeet@verizon.net Tel: 617-699-6401

Tuition: $1,500 (for 4 weeks class + exhibition, art materials included); $400 per week if you pay for an individual week

To Register: Make check payable to CAI and mail to 68 Quarry Road, Acton, MA 01720

Week/Project #1(7/1-7/5): Introduction to sculpture and drawing; create bar-relief on canvas

Week/Project #2(7/8-7/12): build structure and create a medium size sculpture

Week/Project #3(7/15-7/19): introducing figurative plaster work

Week/Project #4(7/22-7/26): paint/color the sculpture and bar-relief created during previous weeks; prep for Exhibition

Art Exhibition (July 27, Saturday 2PM-5PM)

Workshop general Description:

The workshop concentrates in 3D sculptural art. The 4-week workshop entails weekly project on different material and topic focus. Each project is designed for young children to gain knowledge through hands-on experience on sculpture, its material, its creative thinking and making. Our teaching philosophy is weaving children’s playful nature with creative thinking in developing skill of art object making. We cherish all the imaginations, curiosity and communicable style that children bring with them to the classroom. With the 10 acre art and nature ground, students spend 4 hours per day in a balanced living with art working, playing, socializing and learning. Every project has components in problem solving that helps children develop both ability to concentrate in doing task alone as well as collaborate with peers in a social context. And we will conclude the 4-week workshop with an exhibition of students’ art work in our museum building to recognize and celebrate children’s effort to reinforce children’s sense of achievement. The exhibition will be open to the general public.CAI will provide drinks/snacks, students with allergy issue should bring own snacks. Students need to carry personal health insurance. The Guardians are required to sign CAI Waiver for the students.


Please help us with the “Warmth to the Museum” campaign (we still need $11,000 to meet our goal) and donate using the Venmo QR code or write a check to CAI (68 Quarry Road, Acton, MA 01720). If your donation is over $500, we will guarantee you a complimentary ticket to Viktor’s premier concert “After Nirvana” as a token of our gratitude.


We are open everyday, 7 days a week, our Spring-Summer-Fall hour is 10AM-6PM, please call 617-699-6401 to let us know when you are coming. The Admission to the Museum is $15/regular, $10/over 65 and under 14


Our art grounds are open to the public every day 10am to 6pm. Please call 617-699-6401 to make an appointment ahead of time so we can receive you. To visit, park in front of the big wooden hammer and come into the red Museum building to pay the admission $15/regular, $10/over 65. We accept cash, venmo and cashapp.

THANK YOU! THE CHRONICLE (Channel 5 TV) has featured our New Art Archeology stone pile in the program entitled “Rock Stars: Stone art comes to life in New England.” Chronicle streams the show on their website WCVB Chronicle      Chronicle YouTube.

ACTON BIG-FOOT by Viktor Lois

Viktor and Big Foot

This 23-feet, 7.5 tons steel sculpture was installed on the art grounds in September 2021 when we are just come out from the “dormant period” caused by the pandemic.

We have renamed this art ground YV ART MUSEUM = “WHY WE ART MUSEUM” (administered by the Contemporary Arts International CAI). “YV” refers to Yin Peet and Viktor Lois whose artworks are the anchor of the Museum, “We” refers to the artists who had taken residencies at the art grounds and/or had participated in our New Art Archeology program, and donate their excellent artwork to our permanent collection. Together, we are realizing this legendary art mission.

This 23-feet, 7.5 tons steel sculpture was installed on the art grounds in September 2021 when we  just came out from the “dormant period” caused by the pandemic.