YV ART MUSEUM – Contemporary Arts International in Acton, Massachusetts

Viktor&Big-Foot_webViktor Lois and ACTON BIG-FOOT

It feels like we are coming out of a dormant period. The artwork is our nourishment and is growing regardless of the pandemic. Today, we have erected the tallest (23-feet, 7.5 tons) steel sculpture entitled “The Acton Big-Foot” created by Viktor Lois on our art grounds.

Like last year, we are keeping the Stone Carving Symposium feasible by changing its working period from three weeks to three months and giving artists a flexible work schedule to fit their personal needs. This year, the Symposium has been on-going since July 15 and to be concluded by October 31 by four artists: Scott Crystal, Kevin Duffy, Marin Murakoshi and Yin Peet. Both Kevin and Marin were in our 2020 Symposium and this year they agree to come back to continue our joint “New Art Archaeology” mission. They have started doing carving since mid-July.  Scott, from Panama, has been working hard since his arrival at the art grounds on August 27.

Our tradition for Stone Carving Symposium has been introducing artists to the public at the beginning of August. But this year we have decided to postpone the Opening to August 29 for audience to meet the artists, see some of the work-in-progress, and enjoy our 2019-2020 newly renovated outdoor art grounds as well as the indoor exhibition.

We would like to particularly thank Oasis Foundation, Mark & Pat Smith for supporting our Symposium yearly. We also want to thank Enterprise Bank (Acton Office) and the following Towns Local Cultural Councils for supporting the endeavor and they are Acton-Boxborough, Ayer, Billerica, Chelmsford, Concord, Littleton and Westford.





We have renamed this art ground YV ART MUSEUM = “WHY WE ART MUSEUM” (administered by the Contemporary Arts International CAI). “YV” refers to Yin Peet and Viktor Lois whose artworks are the anchor of the Museum, “We” refers to the artists who had taken residencies at the art grounds and/or had participated in our New Art Archeology program, and donate their excellent artwork to our permanent collection. Together, we are realizing this legendary art mission.