Office Staff

Executive Director | Yin Peet


Artistic Director | Viktor Lois


Media Department Head | Bohan Chen

Publication Editor | Emma Weltner

Marketing Assistant | Elisa Abatsis

Marketing Assistant |Matthew Moore

Artist Coordinator | Marin Murakoshi

Symposium Technical Associate | Kevin Duffy

Board of Directors

Paul D. Andres | Engineer, Entrepreneurs, Founder of Andres Institute of Art

Paul has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Control Systems) from the University of Missouri and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Chicago. He has been a successful businessman and investor for over 50 years, founding companies in manufacturing, data communications hardware, and Integrative Medicine. He is also the co-founder of the Andres Institute of Art which created and operates a public access sculpture park on 140 acres in Brookline NH.

Ling-Se Chesnakas | Teacher at the Boston Art Academy
Born in 1984. Ling-Se has been a teacher in the Boston Public Schools for sixteen years. For the first 12 years of her career, she taught 12th grade Humanities and 9-12th grade Visual Arts at the Urban Science Academy. She currently teaches 10th grade Literary and Language Arts (LALA) at Boston Arts Academy, the only public visual and performing arts school in Massachusetts. In her classroom, she strives to be student-centered, arts integrated and social justice oriented.

Dominique Herard | Teacher at Pierce Elementary School in Brookline, MA
Dominique is an educator strongly committed to social justice and educational equity. She is also co-leader of her school’s Equity Team, bringing professional development opportunities to teachers to discuss how racial equity impacts academic and personal growth for both teachers and students. She is the Associate Director of the Boston Writing Project, a professional development network which allows teachers to teach each other. This position also allows her to serve as a teacher-consultant, meaning she travels to schools in Boston and surrounding areas to lead professional development workshops for teachers of varying grade levels (K-12). She has presented research in Stockholm, Sweden and Matsuyama, Japan in front of international communities for work related to building the capacity for elementary students to use imaginative thinking for writing and communicating with a justice lens. She has published a chapter about this topic, as well as co-authored a paper about imagination in the literary arts. She has also produced a short documentary film, Dangerous Curves, that has screened at several film festivals.

Janna Longacre | Artist, Professor of Fine Art 3D, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

As a sculptor / site-specific installation artist, Janna identifies as a narrative artist, using materials, including light, to create visual poems. Space, time, process and material are the critical elements of her work. Raised on a small farm with traditional life methods and materials, Janna has since embraced every opportunity to explore the world. Her curiosity started in 1973, at 21 years old, she drove the length of Africa; since then she has had direct cultural experience in 52 countries. As an explorer, Janna absorbs history, culture and science which she reflects upon in her work. Janna’ work has been exhibited and published both nationally and internationally. She has received numerous grants including from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Massachusetts Artist Foundation. Janna is a Board member of CAI, and is a member of the International Ceramics Academy (IAC) and the NCECA Green Task Force. Previously Janna served on the Board of Transcultural Exchange. Janna has been a Professor at MassArt since 1977.

Viktor Lois | Artist, Artistic Director of CAI

Currently CAI/YV Art Museum’s Artistic Director. Viktor is born in 1950 in Hungary. The artwork that brings Lois fame is his musical instrument sculpture many of which is in the CAI’s permanent collection. Since 1987 he has created more than 200 musical sculptures, a body of cross-disciplinary art work in which the composition of sound/music is embedded in the sculpture form and vise versa. In 1993 he represented Hungary participated in the 45th Venice Biennale. In 1996 the Tatabanya City Museum dedicated a building (~3,500 Sq feet) to display 70+ pieces of his sculptures. Lois’ exhibition record is impressive (Austria, Germany, USSR, France, Italy, Netherland, Serbia, Czech, Slovak, Romania, Macedonia, Poland, Croatia to name a few, and US and Taiwan). Since 2005 he has resided in the Boston area, and is the co-creator of the CAI art grounds.

Yin Peet | Artist, Founder & Executive Director of CAI

Born in 1957 in Taiwan, Yin immigrated to US in 1982. Having lived in Nepal 1984-1988, Yin’s work reflects a broader spectrum of Asian philosophy. During the 90s, Yin incorporated time, sound, movement and text into conventional sculpture material, and presents it as a form of performance. She taught a course “Perform the Making of the Sculpture” at the Museum School in Boston in 1996. Yin co-created the “Contemporary Arts International” (CAI) in 1999, and starting 2003 Yin partnered with Viktor Lois in establishing the organization’s Art Grounds on a 12-acre granite quarry in Acton MA She has been a professional sculptor since 1986, and her art ventures in many states (NH, ME, NY, VA, MA) and countries (Croatia, England, Hungary, Serbia, Poland, Hong Kong, Nepal and Taiwan). Yin holds a MFA in sculpture from the Massachusetts College of Art and was an adjunct faculty at the College of the Holy Cross from 2000 to 2013. She is currently the Executive Director of CAI. Most of her artwork is in the permanent collection of CAI/YV Art Museum.

Kevin Wang | Art and Environmental issue Advocate, Career Diplomat of Taiwan

Born in 1956 in Taiwan. Kevin has been a professional diplomat of Taiwan since 1984. His art interest and practice art as a hobby started in the 90s when he was posted in Malaysia. His connection to CAI pushed back to 2004 when he was posted in Boston. During his career in diplomacy, he is a strong advocate for the environmental issues, he had represented Taiwan attending more than 20 significant global environmental, climate change, biological diversity, water resources meetings. The highlight of his diplomat career stands in his ambassadorship in Tuvalu, Australia and South Pacific States. After the conclusion of his Ambassadorship to South Pacific States, he retired from being a diplomat, and has been an art supporter and a PhD candidate in the Fine Art at the National Taiwan University of the Arts.

Board of Advisors

Robert Lee | Executive Director of Asian American Art Center, New York City, USA
Johan Van Dam | Curator, Art Gallery Owner, Anthropologist, Hungary/Netherland
Jane Gordon | Designer, Publicity Specialist
Charles Stigliano | Artist, Professor of Sculpture Department, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
John Weidman | Artist, Director of Andres Institute of Art
Batu Siharulidze | Artist, retired Professor of Sculpture Department, Boston University