Central Europe Artist Residency



This consortium program is a response to the interest of contemporary artists whose career and network are beyond countries boundaries. Instead of defining the Residency by countries, we have designed the Residency around the regional and cultural distinctions of the geographical zone. CAI staff will help facilitate artists’ visits and exhibitions to multiple countries/cities, to experience the culture of each location, to get a wide exposure of their work within the region and to advance their artistic careers.


Tatabanya City is an industrial city in Hungary located on the main East-West Train line in Europe, 60 km West of Budapest (40 minutes by train), 150 km East of Vienna (90 minutes by train). It is in the center of Europe with all the exciting artistic potential for artists to advance their career in Europe.

Affiliation: Tatabanya Open-Air Museum outdoors Gallery and working space and other art-related resources

Residency fees are US$1,000/month for the following services:

  • HOUSING: private bedroom, shared bathroom, living room, kitchen, laundry facility
  • STUDIO: shared
  • FACILITIES: choice of outdoor working locations. Heavy equipment with operator can be arranged, artist pays the service fee.
  • EXHIBITION: will be held whenever possible (solo show can be arranged)


  • Artist must arrange own transportation and pay for all travel expenses (local and international) including air ticket
  • Provide own medical Insurance
  • Sign a liability waiver form
  • Provide own food and all consumables (living and art) expenses
  • Keep self living space clean and restore working spaces to their original condition at the end of residency
  • Comply with CAI’s rules and share the grounds and facilities with CAI’s scheduled events


Director: Viktor Lois   Tel:(USA)+1+978-844-0705
Headquarter contact: Yin Peet  Tel:(USA)+1-617-699-6401