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CAI Gallery proudly presents The 28th Annual All-American Chinese Brush Painting Calligraphy Competition 2019 organized by the Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts.  Some of the large size winner’s artworks from the 57 pieces chosen from a total of 209 entries (Brush Painting 140, Calligraphy 69) submitted by 21 different Chinese Schools, arts studios, and individuals from 8 states (CA, CT, MA, NJ, MI, SC, NC, TX ) are in the process of being mounted at the Contemporary Arts International in Acton, MA, www.contemporaryartsinternational.org. The public is welcome to view the artworks while they are pasted on walls for drying during the mounting process. Please check the  gallery hours. Other details of the competition is at:  http://www.chineseperformingarts.net/contents/competition/painting/index.htm 

OPEN HOURS:  2PM to 5PM  Tue-Sunday or by appointment (617-699-6401)    Admissions: $10/adult, $5/child & Senior

Chi calligraphy#1_CAI


Chi calligraphy#2_CAIgetPart-1