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FEATHER — installation by Elisa Abatsis

FEATHER installation by Elisa Abatsis


Exhibition May 5, 2024 to September 29, 2024

Opening Reception: June 2, 2024

Feather is an immersive multimedia installation modeled after an Ancient Egyptian burial tomb. Created in response to the glut of AI Chatbots released last year, the work features a full-scale mummy comprised of wires and computer parts and a heart that has somehow escaped the tomb. The work parallels the formulaic aspects of Ancient Egyptian burial spells– specifically the Weighing of the Heart rite from The Book of Going Forth by Day — with modern computer code. The installation ultimately addresses the idea of whether a being is ancient or modern, man, machine, or somewhere in between, there is something ungovernable and unquantifiable inside it; a heart that refuses to be measured