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Entitled “TWO REACTIONS, ONE ENVIRONMENT” by Hungarian Artists Ágnes Verebics and Ákos Bánki, two well accomplished artists chosen for the exchange program that CAI is in collaboration with in the APA Gallery in Budapest. They come into the Quarry with open minds and sharp eyes. The show presents two distinctly different personalities, sensitivities, and painting techniques, for example, their use of objects, photos, figurative and concrete vs. abstract paintings in reaction to the environment surrounding the Quarry. The found objects, nature and man-made, they encounter inspires their view of the world specific to the Quarry in Acton, Massachusetts, New England.

Ágnes Verebics’s work in faces and masks which hide behind devices attached to machines is calling for the ancestral genetics.
 In recent years, she has developed a special technique painting on aluminum plate and gives a futuristic look to her fantastic figurative work.  As she stated, “…exaggerated human and animal body parts inspire and dominate the power of my works… I use fragmentary body images as vehicles to explore the sexuality, violence and the wider human condition;
equally important are questions of what lies behind these faces, what is revealed and what stays out of sight. In the case of self- portraits, what, one may ask, what does one see when facing oneself”.

Ákos Bánki’s work usually associates photographic studies of figurative elements to his series, extracting, transplanting and translating some of them into his abstract language and then integrating it to his paintings. An experienced reality therefore becomes a physical and psychic manifestation. Sweeping aside the figuratives, he seeks and sneaks into the psychological, emotional, subconscious quarters of chromatics and visualizations in order to make it burst from the inside, aiming to generate an effect on the viewer. Bánki’s is one of the main figures of the new wave of non-figurative painting in Hungary. As a total abstract painter who relates to actionism, expressionism, but also conceptualism, and who paints not only with his hand but with his whole body, not only with his mind, but with his guts, the dripping, leaking, flowing energy fields of Ákos Bánki’s works often slap the viewer with their energy, radiance and vibration.

Both Verebics and Banki were born in 1982, and both have earned a Masters degree in painting at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2006. Banki has also pursued his studies with a DLA formation in 2011 at the University of Pécs.