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YV Art Museum  presents sculpture by Taiwanese artist Lin, Hong Wen who has taken artist-in-residency at CAI art grounds on the 2019 Siao-Long Cultural Park’s artist exchange program grant. Currently, at the gate area you would be able to view the newly added Lin’s 2 pieces of steel sculptures.  During Lin’s fruitful residency at YV Museum, he has also created 5 paintings; unfortunately, he had decided to take them back to Taiwan with him for exhibition and sale, so we can only view them partially on this website page.  Lin’s  abstract expressionist painting and mix-media installation has won him a reputation of one of the rare avant garde artists in Taiwan back in the 90s. After graduating from the National Taiwan Academy of Arts in 1982, Lin created artwork conscientiously against the current and challenge the social norm; in late 1990, he extended his 2-D paintings to the mixed-media work and large-scale steel sculptures. For him these two realms of art have impacted and reinforced each other. Over the last 30 years, Lin has consistently attempts to express his concern for humanitarian and environmental issues through his art. With a romantic spirit and somewhat reclusive temperament, Lin’s sensitivity to the world around him has effectively reflected in his minimalist, abstract work.  Lin is a professor at the Tainan Technology University, and has also been the curator for several large steel sculpture symposiums as well as major exhibitions in Taiwan.




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