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Entitled “FLOWER and STONE”, this show displays 19 large and medium scale of flower paintings and 5 delicate granite sculpture. An Opening reception will be held on October 14, Sunday, 2:00PM.

CHANG CHIA-MING is an outstanding painter and stone sculptor from Taiwan. As the Title of the show indicated Chang is a multi-faceted artist; not only has he mastered stone carving, he is also a serious painter. It seems that the subjects and media Chang choose to present in this show are the two extremes in the field of both 2D art and 3D art, “soft” as creating the fragile, short-lived flower by paint brushes, “hard” as holding the heavy air tools, electric grinders and chisels to the strong, long-lived stone.

ChiaMing working#2_web

Chang was invited by the Museum/CAI at first as a stone carver to participate in the CAI’s New Art Archeology program, during the 3-week Stone Carving Symposium he carved a 10-foot tall, 6-ton monumental granite sculpture. After the completion of the Symposium, Chang started to paint flowers in reaction to the environment surrounding of the Museum’s sculptural grounds. His sharp observation of the subtle colors hidden in this dense forest, and the colors of the man-made sculptures on the grounds comes out on huge canvases.  He sets up his 10 feet tall canvas frame in the woods next to the big stone pile. He paints from dawn to dusk and lets the daylight gradation speak to him throughout the day. His elevated spirit and supreme inspiration has evidently shown through the painted flowers.ChiaMing painting_web

Chang’s artwork associates profoundly to the figurative and its social implication. His composition lingers on the edge between abstraction and concreteness.


At age 50, Chang has had experience in a variety of media, stone, wood, fiberglass, bronze, plaster…to name a few, and diverse world cultures. His sensitivity to other cultures perhaps was first ignited by his 6 years of art study in Japan. With that he earned a BFA degree in Sculpture at the Nagoya Art University. After having been a successful artist, his intellectual curiosity brought him to pursue another master study in Cultural Anthropology in 2007. Naturally his approach to Anthropology is intensely artistic; consequently he examines his artwork with an anthropological perception since. When asked how he balanced the art sensational realm versus academic rational realm, he replied “it’s not about balancing, it’s about the effectiveness, in other words, if when expressing my idea, paint is effective, I will paint, otherwise, I will sculpt.”

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