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Open Reception on “ART ACROSS GENERATIONS”  May 21, Sunday 2:00PM

To open our 2023 Exhibition season, in the main hall we will feature the exhibition of father and daughter at CAI’s Gallery. Art Across Generations – Alex and Genie Belozersky, presents the sculptures by Alex Belozersky and paintings by Genie Belozersky, which starts on May 21, 2023 through to September 17, 2023.

Alex Belozersky
Alex, a professional pianist, began his artistic exploration with clay—as tactile and responsive as piano keys. He spent two years at the Radcliffe College Ceramics studio in Cambridge, building non-functional ceramic vessels, sculptures, and tiles. The latter, shown in the spring of 1991 at Boston Design Center, generated considerable interest due to their Russian medieval and Renaissance designs.  He then moved on to sculpting roofing paper, tin, sheet metal, bronze, and wire, learning in the process what each material allows and inspires. His choice of imagery was, to a degree, dictated by the medium. But childhood memories, European history, theater, literature, and mythology also served as sparks for his imagination. Alex’s philosophical studies, especially the writings of Carl Jung, have stimulated him to address the role of myths and dreams in modern life. Ancient and modern mythology is represented in the culture as an elaborate interplay of archetypes, symbols, and interpretations. Belozersky has created a stage where these symbols come to life and comment on our existence. Humor is feature of many of his works: “I think humor gives us a chance to step aside from reality to have a better view of it, and keeps us from drowning in the tragedy of life.”
Alex Belozersky, musician, philosopher, sculptor, and poet, was born in Russia and graduated from Moscow Conservatory. He taught music and wrote for art magazines before emigrating to the U.S. in 1980.

Genie Belozersky, Alex’s daughter, born in Boston, has been surrounded by art since childhood. Her parents especially favored folk art, but Genie found drawing and painting her most satisfying way to express ideas, feelings, and reflections on the world. Genie’s distinctive use of small, detailed, precisely drawn imagery emerged in her college years. The process of meticulously building up cartoonish forms/pictures through the aggregation of finely-penned components is a form of meditation for Genie. They are also, as is the case with her father, a whimsical outlet for life’s challenges.  Genie received her B.A. from New England School of Art and Design.

In the Upstairs Gallery (Video Room), you will also see documentary films by Bohan Chen, The film explores the inspiration Chen found during his seven visits to our art ground and showcases his earlier work.

In addition to the documentary, we’re excited to present Viktor’s new musical instruments which he has been working in the last three years uninterrupted, and we can’t wait to see and hear their sound.