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This is our second year showing the young talents from West Roxbury High School student’s artwork. This exhibition is realized by curatorial effort of the art teacher Lingse Chesnakas. The exhibition will be from May 11 through June 25.

The young artists are  Asmao Bangoura, Justin Brooks, Madashley Cajuste, Lily Coplen, Reionna Ford, Vicent Fuller, Lowensky Lherisson, Joseph Magny, Ediris Musa, Jean Derived Pierrelouis, Tijohnna Pina, Charon Robinson, Arianna Serrano, Summyyah Steele, Aswita Williams and Porter Coplen.

This show is anchored by 3 leading artists Lily Coplen, Porter Coplen and Charon Robinson.  They each have their own distinct style, what they have in common is a love of illustrating people, animal and their attention to detail, particularly Porter Coplen’s origami. The characters they create are whimsical, sometimes funny and often cartoon-like. Furthermore, they both take pride in perfecting their technique and craftsmanship.IMG_0480








Charon: “Creating art is a way for me to feel accomplishment and enjoyment. I’m always questioning what I’m sketching, painting, animating, and wondering what could give it more energy and what could make it more “real” in the sense of, does my art move, breath, stare, laugh, or does it have some other purpose. Contrarily, I’m not a realism artist, I enjoy seeing and practicing realism and studying the environment around me as I draw, but I only use real life as a reference for my caricature and cartooning. I create spontaneously, I don’t think too much about what I’m making. I see the picture in my head, and I draw it. Artists like John K, Kim Jung Gi, and many others inspire me for their similar motivations and artwork, but I aspire to be my own artist and showcase my art flare in the animation and graphic design industry.”

Lily: “A lot of the time I’m either drawing a face or a cat. So I feel drawing portraits are my strength. When I draw, I like to make the eyes a little bigger than normal and use nice bright colors on my characters… I like to think that I’ve created my own unique style. When I graduate, I hope to find a job in the baking industry. I love making sweets and especially decorating them.”

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