Art Education

Deer&GiraffeCongratulations to Felix Huang who has graduated from Chelmsford High School in 2019 and gotten accepted by Boston University Sculpture Department with full scholarship.

Felix has studied granite sculpture with Yin Peet starting in the Fall of 2016 and continue on through the summer of 2018. He also studies with Viktor Lois in metal sculpture and welding in 2018-2019.  He has 6 sculptures on display at the CAI art ground.






Two most recent kinetic steel sculpture in CAI’s forest entitled “Deer & Giraffe”  by Felix Huang


Summer Art Course

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we will not hold Perspective student’s Open House.  We anticipate the world will return to “normal”; if so, we will continue to offer the Summer Art Course as scheduled. If situation proven otherwise, we will either postpone or cancel the course and tuition returned.

 Class Site: CAI Art Grounds (68 Quarry Road, Acton, MA 01720)

Teachers: (based on # of enrollment, teacher/student ratio 1 to 3) Yin Peet, Viktor Lois and guest artists

Student Age: 11 and up (for older kids, we will consider teaching stone carving)

Class period/time: July 6-Aug 14    1PM-5PM, Mon-Fri

Tuition: $1,700 (for 6 weeks class + exhibition, art materials included)

To Register: Make check payable to CAI and mail to 68 Quarry Road, Acton, MA 01720

Class Outline

July: (each project takes approximately two weeks, 5 days/week)

  • Introduction to sculpture and drawing
  • Project #1: build up sculptural form using hard small light material (wood chips, stone chips, …etc.)
  • Project #2: build up sculptural form using soft material

(cups, fabric…etc.) and learn to fine shape the forms


  • Project #3: build structure and create a medium size sculpture

August 30 (Sunday 2PM):

  • Project #4: Art Exhibition


Course general Description:

All classes are designed to develop your artistic ability by teaching you about the elements and principles of drawing and 3D design through the creation and evaluation of artwork. You will use a variety of art materials, processes, mediums, and techniques for creating, discussing and exhibiting art works. In addition, your skill level and definition of art will be challenged, validated, and expanded through your own self-exploration, teacher’s coaching and mastery of different art mediums and techniques.
Student is required to sign CAI Waiver and carry personal health insurance.

The Facility

In general, on an ongoing basis, we offers art education through college-credited courses as well as workshops; the former provides an off-campus learning experience for students enrolled in colleges or high schools and students who wish to build a portfolio to apply for advanced art study in their college and graduate school applications; the latter is open to general public of diverse background and capability. Our focus and facility is especially favorable for 3D sculpture, multi-disciplinary visual arts and experimental music.  Students work in direct contact with professionals and receive much individual attention. We strive to establish this grounds to serve regional colleges and universities as their off-campus teaching facilities. CAI is a cooperating institution of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Our classroom is unconventional.  There is an indoor classroom as well as several acres of outdoor teaching grounds. Our capabilities are enhanced by an inspiring sculptural park and heavy industrial machines for large scale work.