Facility Sharing program is for artists who need a proper space to implement their projects. Our Facility includes a multi-purpose 50x100x20H building, outdoor sculpting courtyard, and equipment (some for rent). We welcome people of all artistic abilities to share our resources. It is on first-come first-serve basis. To help the facility sustain itself, the Organization requests that artists pay a user’s fee.

Our primary sculpting area is outdoors; for special projects that requires an indoor situation, we will accommodate according to its availability and suitability.

The Sharing Conditions & Terms:

1) Facility user must sign a contract with CAI and comply to the Studio Rules.

2) Wide range of materials may be used by artists; however, we prohibit the use of hazardous material on the Quarry ground.

3) Artists need to roughly clean up at the end of every working day and restore their work site to its original look at the end of the proposed project.

4) Fees:

Daily $100/per day

Weekly (7 days) $400/per week

Monthly (30 days) $1,100/per month

5) Artists need to bring their own hand tools, our facility will provide, electricity, water. For welder, and bobcat lifting or machinery work, it is $30/per time rental, for detail, please consult with Director of the Studio.

7) Facility Sharing is one of the five programs CAI runs, artists should expect sharing this greater environment with the activities scheduled in the Quarry Studio and Ground.